Welcome to the Message Boards! 

We thought this might be a useful feature for everyone to stay in touch before and after the reunion. Some uses of the boards might be: 
  • arranging mini-reunions from different elementary schools
  • virtual or real-time get-togethers for HS groups (athletic teammates, cheerleaders, your pals from Latin Club)
  • logistic info such as sharing AirBNBs
  • nostalgia

If you have any other ideas, please email Anna at chosakhouse@comcast.net. If you come up with an idea, I'll be happy to create a category for it! 

I don't know yet if we will need moderators, but if anyone wants to volunteer, let me know. 

Select a Category from the list below.

Primary School Groups
If you entered JCHS with a "band of brothers" from elementary school, such as SFX or OLS, stay in touch with them here.
Last Post: Mar 31st 2019
# of Topics: 6
Reunion Logistics
Discuss plans for the reunion weekend here.
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# of Topics: 0
School Activities
Create a topic for any team or club you used to belong to and invite your friends to participate.
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# of Topics: 0
Remember that time when....
For general nostalgia about JCHS.
Last Post: No Posts Yet
# of Topics: 0
Additional Festivities
Pre- and post-reunion events.
Last Post: Apr 14th 2019
# of Topics: 3